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Jun 10, 2011

jiwang night

ni lyric lagu baru bunker yg aku sndri reka


- I Found u -

on the first page of our storie
we make it fast
without serenade we been together after all
and the only one that can hurt i deeply
is the one that i love
i was afraid you would treat me different if you knew how i felt about u
my fear become reality when you know i love u and u walked away

just like that u leave me
but at the first place
i have crush on u
and i now i wanna know why

i love u liked i did best
and i never lied to you
you the best that i ever had
and i dont wanna let you go
you my precious one , u my heart
i can never tell the world how i feel now
i know it from the start

i keep into deep love
swimming hard to find the way
i dive into the deepest core
and now i know what i looking for

u make me smile
u make laugh
you hard to get
and hard to goo
juz stand there and here it all

because today bright like our love
because today bright like our love

i found the imposible one


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