tuh link blog aku skrg , bye2 , blog ni abaikan

May 29, 2012

it been awhile

hey ,  just nk bg tau , ni link blog baru aku, follow oke , blog ni abaikan , xnk igt . bye .

Apr 8, 2012

well , i very crestfallen

maybe , yeah , i become so selfish lately , i pull a long face . i just trying hard to make everything come back to normal but it seem very wrong wrong wrong to her . maybe i should stop doing this . let not to make a mountain out of the molehill . im over it , im done . and im out , see ya . just stop talking anything about me , im your past you know , i know one day you will find a right man , definately , and i also will go get a life and do the same thing . i promise that . it one last thing that i could do , even though it kill my heart , but it better this way right . you know , im tired crying all night thinking how awfull , cruel and foolish i am . aku tulis ni bkn sbb nak mintak simpati , nk ungkit2 ke apa , no . i just want you to know what i feel , did you think i do all of these to get your love back ? hell no , i love more on our friendship than our relationship . no final word , i will just stop here . no more post in this blog , no final word , bye .

~The End ~

Apr 7, 2012


Dar dadada DARRR ~ muahaha , hello derp and derpina ! this week are so exciting cause i high as fuck , i dont always get as high as fuck , but when i to , i got to DAMN HIGH !! first i wanna tell you something about what i frequently do , ''inaniloquent'' !! its mean '' speaking foolishly and silly thing '' , jyeahh , i know some of the derp may read this as onaniloquent , but ... BITCH PLEASE ,  one not simply replace inani with onani =,=

seriously ? yeah , sometime i just feel that she could be my unintended . but , she could never be as good as her . btw whos ''her'' ?? and today why i write this fucking blog in english ?! i dont know either !! i have a hard decision to make , should i wait ? or start a new life ? i dont know , people say '' trust your heart '' , but my heart was so busy pumping blood and dont even have time to answer my question ,  =,=

gosh , this week , at wednesday , i got a '' ENGLISH DRAMA COMPETITION , ZONE SEREMBAN 2 '' . okeyh , and i was one of the actor . just extra actor only , and luck was't at our side , 6 out of 11 team . well , not bad i guess .

have you ever feel so guilty sometime ? yeah , it suck you know and dang i messed it up . butt , there always be someone who cheer me up , yeah , that what i called '' FRIEND '' . today was full of joy you know , i hang out with them , jamming at abg din studio like a boss .

'' Lelaki yg terlalu mengikut ckp perempuan , lebih baik potong punai tuh , bodoh '' . okay , this so damn true !! they will not force us , they will stop degrading us , the will not control us , and we will be victorious ! so COME on !! haha , this is a lyric song acctually , Muse - Uprising .

not even a single fuck were given today and that was a good new ! yeah , it funny sometime , i used to be a maxis user but , i forgot to top up , well you know , i dont alway use my phone acctually , just text my love and call people , and now im a celcom user . when gurl ask what my phone number is , my answer is simple '' you want my number ? im a celcom user '' and they just make a poker face , ouch ! but still , some of them say '' nevermind , just give me your number '' , LOL , i love these peoples :D

last word , aku nk ckp melayu pulak lah , penat aku , hahah , aku masuk  pertanding Digi Sekolahku berbakat , kitorg masuk Band Glamour, doa kan kitorg yer , haha , yeah back to english , sometime i try so hard to fight my feeling , but i cant lie myself .

bye , i just feel no quite well , i need to get some rest . bye2 , BELIEVER :')

Apr 3, 2012

Uprising !!

hey derp n derpina
yeah , aku just nk ckp aku masih belum give up
post sblum ni kan aku ade ckp aku dah give up
oke , tak
aku x give up lagi
selagi aku x mati , selagi aku bernafas
aku xkn give up weyh
this is last chance
i will not mess it up this time
thanks elyas bagi aku semangat :)


helo kpd reader , kalu nk bukak , older post or newer post , sile bukak in new tab okeyh , kalu x nanti error . HARAP MAKLUM !!