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Apr 8, 2012

well , i very crestfallen

maybe , yeah , i become so selfish lately , i pull a long face . i just trying hard to make everything come back to normal but it seem very wrong wrong wrong to her . maybe i should stop doing this . let not to make a mountain out of the molehill . im over it , im done . and im out , see ya . just stop talking anything about me , im your past you know , i know one day you will find a right man , definately , and i also will go get a life and do the same thing . i promise that . it one last thing that i could do , even though it kill my heart , but it better this way right . you know , im tired crying all night thinking how awfull , cruel and foolish i am . aku tulis ni bkn sbb nak mintak simpati , nk ungkit2 ke apa , no . i just want you to know what i feel , did you think i do all of these to get your love back ? hell no , i love more on our friendship than our relationship . no final word , i will just stop here . no more post in this blog , no final word , bye .

~The End ~

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