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Feb 25, 2011

ayat yg agak rare mgkin ?

let begin :)

You hit your little toe against a table..
At age 7 : '' ouch...aww mummy :'( ''
At age 10 : ouch !! stupid table !!
At age 13 : why this is here ?? stupid table stupid people !!
At Age 16 : Ouch !! You stupid mother !@#$% ass piece of shit  [ breake table ] .

When you log in into a Facebook and see 89 notification , and 6 message you know you've said something you shouldn't have . HAHAHA lol ! mcm sial .

It good to be a women because they can hug their friend without being gay !! HAHA this also lamfou .

A man receive a phone call from his doctor *
the doctor say : '' i have some good news and bad news . ''
the man say : '' oke , give me the good news first '' .
the doctor say : '' the good news is you got 24 hour to live '' .
the man say : '' oh no !! if that the good news so what the bad news ?? ''
the doctor say : '' the bad news is i forgot to call you yesterday '' .
the man say : owhh fuck !@#$%

Justib bieber : '' mom where do babies came from ?? ''
mom : '' from the vagina '' .
Justin bieber : '' what a Vagina ??? ''
Mom : ''  look in your pant . ''
Justin bieber : .........

hearing yourself sing in the shower and i wonder why the fuck you havent made an album yet .

A 20 year old girl had an accident and is now blind. Her boyfriend still loves her as she is and he don't care that she is blind. She always told him about how she was so fed up of her life and that she was going to kill herself. 2 days later he told her "I found a way". They found an eye donor. She did the operation and was successful. When she came to she could see her BF was also blind. She left him and the next day she recieved a letter "I will always love you. Take care of my eyes baby"

Girl:Am I pretty?
Boy:No I sexy?
Girl:Wahh..Am I fun to be with?
Girl:Do you love me?
Girl:I'm not pretty..I'm beautiful aren't I?
Boy:No you're a fat whore..I'd be surprised if your parents loved you..go die.

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