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Oct 23, 2011

Tagged dari Amani

You must post these rules.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HERNo tag back!No stuff in the tagging section about " YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people

11 thing about me

- im not arogant as long as you are not shitty and act like fucker with me .
- aku x tentu , kdg2 aku kuat bercakap , kdg2 aku bisu , tgk keadaan lah
- aku suke berpura pura tpi bukan hipokrit , just berpura pura utk kebaikan
- aku suke main gitar
- aku x suke perempuan gedik
- aku jenis berdiam diri bile bergadoh or kne marah , aku mls nk bertumbok
- jatuh cinta dgn warna hitam and merah <3
- aku benci lipas
- aku melayu mix chinese , tetapi kulit aku dh gelap !! :)
- aku obses dgn FB , so got prob ?
- im taken :)

Question from Amani

1. What your full name
Muhammad Faiz Aiman B Zullkifle

2. Do you ever cried cause someone
yes i do .

3. Have you ever broken someone's heart ? who ?
yes , her name is Aini bt Musa , sorry dear .

4 who did your last call yesterday ?
sori , aku x call org , org je byk call aku .

5. Who did you last Yell at , why ?
my cat Apai !! because he pee at my sofa .

6. Have a crush on some one ?
yeah of course ! a lot you know , nk taw ke sape ? x perlu lah kowt kn :)

7. Do you have a job ?
nope , i am student .

8. what is the last thing you ate
ouh , pizza dominos :D

9. Do you believe with love at the first sight ?
yeah , i had experience it :)

10. today did you talk to someone you like ?
yeah , i like her alot ,

11. last person who made you cry ?
My girlfriend .


1. who you admired most ?
2. what is your hobby ?
3. what make you cry ?
4. the top song on your list ?
5. what make you smile ?
6. Do you believe in a love ? reason ?
7. what your most precious thing that you cannot live without it ?
8. what do you think about me ?
9. the most stupid thing that you ever done ? when and how it happen ?
10. the place that you wanna go most ?
11. are you afraid of a ghost ?


*Era viera
*Bryan kazama
*Scha kyra
*Ojie han
*Amalia Shuhada
*Syeera KZ
*Fatin Adlina
*Hidana Rahim
*Tiya Viera
*sape2 jelah yang bace ni

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