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Jun 20, 2011

Ape yg aku melalak , ini yg aku tulis

i miss the days when we could just talk to each other like nothing in the world could ruin it, but now it seams like you don't even know that i am alive :'(
Is acting like everything is ok but it really isn't and its killing me inside =(
when when you gone
dont ever think i make a choise to stay
and maybe when you get back
i be off to find another way
well after all the blood that you still owe
you still a good for nothing i dont know
so take your glove and get up
better get up , while you can
when you go , would you even turn to say i dont love
like i did , yesterday
sometime i cry so hard than pleading
so sick and tired of all needless beating
and maybe when they got you , down and out
it where you outha stay
but after all the time that you still owe
another dollar juz another blow
did you know that the word studying is come from student + dying
when , im gone
i realize my love we want strong
and i miss u here now your gone
i can hear by the phone
with the picture hangging on the


Sialan , gumpalan darah menjadi busuk
menjadi hasutan syaitan
sanggup kau tipu aku
itu satu langkah busuk !!
pukimak kau , babi anjing
berani kau menipu aku
pukimak kau , babi anjinggggggggggggg
Sehelai daun , terbakar hempas
termusnah angin malam
sanggup kau tipu aku itu satu langkah busuk
Two in my heart have left me a while, I stand alone.
When they get back, it won't be the same.
hey i cant live in here for another day
darknees has keep the light conceal
grim as ever , hold on o faith as i dig aother grave
meanwhile the mice endure the wheel
real as ever
Take you down now
Burn it all out
Throw you all around
Get your fuckin' HANDS OFF ME!
While it seems sick
Sober up quick
Psycho lunatic crushing you with

So ini la die
aku melalak mcm2 arini
bez weyh lps tension mcm ni
da la aku nk tido
xnk bgun

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