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May 21, 2011

the reason why i love you version 2 .

okeyh , im gonna continue my previous post okeyh :face12:

23. You make me happy
24. because you give faith to me
25. you say '' love you , need you , only you '' at the end of texting
26. you take my advise
27. you tell me not to make a stupid face when see you
28. because you are a place for me to tell my problem
29. when i want to buy a T-shirt , im gonna look for red colour because i know you love red colour
30. you tell me the thruth
31. you asked my permission when you want to give your phone number to your friend [ boy ]
32. you hair make me jelous and love you instantly
33. we both love guitar
34. we both love to sleep at school
35. you dont wanna bother me when im sick and moody .
36. you give me the nice guitar keychain that made from wood
37. you alway see my hair , my lip , what i wear and my expression .
38. you draw a '' Taman Impian bersama Manik ''
39. you walk home after school , what a though girl i had .
40. you look nice when wear thoose Police Uniform .
41. you love me for who i am not the way im not
42. we were friend since we were a child .
43. you like what i like to hear . etc : song .
44. you alway say that you miss your mother , that mean you are a good daugther .
45. you remember the day that aunt gayah bring us to kedai mamak and you want to drink holick but the mamak say '' holek holek x ada '' . and you looked disspointed . what a cute face
46. even sometime i alway say '' hey , sedar la awk tu dh fom 2 '' and it may be hurt you but acctualy i like your childish atitude even that i seem to hate it .
47. you accompany me when i going somewhere . ect : you company when we que at MCD , you company me when i want to buy mineral water .
48. you alway think that your nose is '' Kemek '' but it not . i know you want to be a better person
49. i still dont have a reason .

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