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Dec 26, 2010

Count down by 6 day . what should i do in 6 day ?? my last week . and , i told my step sister that i only have 6 day to on9,chat and everything . she shocked . i has expected that . she look sad . and at the end of the webcam , she smile and i can see her tear . she understand me . she knew that i have to achive my goal . STRAIGHT A IN PMR . yup . i can do it . she said , to tell her my result as soon as posible . and yeah . you gonna be a first person to know that . i hope you will get a new friend , maybe some one better than me . be happy when im gone oke . with tear . i type this entry . the most sad moment . my heart was fragile you know . maybe , you see that im a happy person , go lucky or whatever . but it wrong . i smile . but in heart ?? it like a self timer bomb that wait to explode . BOOM !!

aku bkn nk jiwang karat . cume juz nk lps kn ape yg belegar kt pale otk aku . aku x minx and pakse korang nk bce . mgkin korang igt aku ni bodo , nyampah la . tp lain org lain kesah idup die . arap korang phm . and aku aku berusaha sembunyi kn perasaan ni . and juz give a smile :'')

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